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Type-Ø-Tones is a typographic design company founded in 1990 by Joan Barjau, Enric Jardí, Laura Meseguer and José Manuel Urós. Although we mainly publish our own designs, we collaborate with many other typographers. Below there is more information about us and our colleagues. If you want to know more about our past, please visit our "Memorabilia cabinet" section.
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Joan Barjau is a graphic designer in its widest sense, a cartoonist, illustrator, painter, animator... Graphic design teacher at Eina School, between 1984 and 1993. Presently he works in his own studio as graphic and type designer. Analfabeto, Iva, Talqual, Tschicholina, Xiquets, Zubizarreta, Memimas and Sniff.

Enric Jardí was born in Barcelona in 1964. He studied graphic design at Elisava and has been teaching there since 1988. Since 1983 he has worked in a number of different studios, and in 1992 he was one of the founders of Propaganda studio. (...) Deseada, Magothic, Mayayo, Neeskens, Peter Sellers, Poca, Retorica, Wilma and Verdaguera.

In 1998 he started up on his own studio. His work is focused on typography, magazine design, book covers and corporate design. He is the director of the Master on Advanced Typography at the Eina school of art and design, in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and he also teaches on the Master's course for "Direcció d’Art en Publicitat" at the Ramon Llull University. In collaboration with Marcus Villaça, he has developed editorial projects such as the redesigning of the Chicago Reader and the Boston Phoenix. Since September 2005 he has been the president of the Art Directors & Graphic designers Association ADG-FAD. He is the author of the book Twenty-two tips on typography (that some designers will never reveal) and twenty-two things you should never do with typefaces (that some typographers will never tell you) published by Actar.

Laura Meseguer is a free-lance graphic designer and type designer living and working in Barcelona. She runs her own studio, where she develops projects related to identity, editorial and typeface design. In 2003–2004, she took a year off from her (...) Adelita, Frankie, Gallard, Rumba, Cortada, Guapa, Magasin and Lalola.

regular work to study type design at the post-graduate course of ‘Type]Media’ at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, the Netherlands. Rumba, the typeface she designed as part of this course, was selected in the TDC TypeDesign Competition 2005. Laura was the co-editor of the typographic bulletin TypoRed, with Allan Daastrup, in 2001-2002. She has participated in many exhibitions and conferences in Spain and Europe and is professor of typography in the Elisava and Eina Schools.

Jose Manuel Urós is a self-taught programmer, typo(graphic) designer and guitar player. Also a reluctant barcelonian, where he was born in 1956, who doesn't like leaving his city for more than two weeks... every two years. (...) EbuScript, Matricia, Vulcano, Memimas, Ginebra, Joost, Optica, Reload, Solida, Arboria and Arbotek.

A programmer in the eighties, he became the happiest/luckiest guy when switched from awful code to desktop publishing at the very launch of the technology, around 1988. From that year, he has helped a number of studios to develop their skills at electronic publishing. From 1992, Josema has developed a close relationship with the Estudio Mariscal, where he cares for the Macs, the typography, the editorial design and the becarias. Teaching begin in 1993, with courses on interface and icon design, and typography. He teaches at Eina, Elisava, ESDI and IDEP. Also, somehow, he manages to have a musical life, having played with Bootunoo, New Buildings, MCW, La Fura dels Baus, Leo Mariño, Josep Giménez, Elements, Pangrams, Adrián Morales, Unoma and Altaba/Samsó/Urós, among others. His latest noises had been made with the group GRUS.

Salvador Alimbau remains one of the most misterious collaborators of our crew. Tori gave us the curious Vulcano, designed in his period of editorial design, just before leaving Barcelona and starting an art direction career for fashion and music in Madrid. Vulcano.
Juan Dávila has been running the studio Cosmic since 1994. Juan, almost a Type-Ø-Tones' founder, developed along with Laura Meseguer our best-selling font Frankie. Frankie.
Adela de Bara is the sort of artist that is normally involved in different enterprises and disciplines: poetry, painting, etc. Laura Meseguer helped her to design Adelita in 1993 when she was in the Fundación Juan Tabique (probably among other projects). Adelita.

Jordi Embodas Jordi Embodas is a graphic and type designer. He was born in Barcelona in 1977 and studied graphic design in Elisava, where he now teaches some typography. Since 2001, he works at Estudi Juste Calduch. Jordi publishes his fonts (...) Orenga.

in his own foundry, Tipografies, since 2010.

Julia Friese is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Leipzig, Germany in 1979. She is a tireless traveler and has been practicing her organic, smooth and strong style in different European cities: Bilbao, Barcelona and Dublin. (...) Scissorgirl.

At the time of this writing -2010- Julia is living and working in Berlin and you can see her beautiful work here.

Miguel Gallardo is a great illustrator and a close friend. Among his multiple stylistic periods, we are specially fond of the Perro Nick. Which is where the typefaces Mike, Gallard and Victims come from. Gallard.
Iñigo Jerez Iñigo Jerez is really more of a talented illustrator and designer who happens to find his personal Shangri-La in the design of complete alphabets. His prolific and amazing production can be viewed at his personal foundry Textaxis. (...) Blak, Poster and ASM.

He works as a graphic designer at his own studio, extra!

Laura Klamburg was a Joan Barjau's student in Eina School. After living and working as a graphic designer in Canada and the United States, she came back to Barcelona with the Surreal project. Surreal Post Indian.
Estudio Mariscal is one of the biggest graphic design studios in Barcelona. Josema Urós has developed a group of typefaces at the studio derived from Javier Mariscal's lettering and scripts in order to be used on the daily in-house work. (...) Hannover Modern and Mundo DemiBold.

We got the chance to choose a pair for our catalogue.

Luis Mendo Luis Mendo was born in Spain in 1969. Luis has been designing from 1996. Before moving to Amsterdam, he worked in newspaper design teams from Barcelona. In june 2005 he opened GOOD Inc.® and was chosen one of the (...) DesignOrDie.

“Top 10 best Art Directors in NL”. Luis writes in books, blogs and magazines, teaches editorial design and gives lectures & workshops internationally. In 2007 he founded the Goodfellas Network together with Diseco.

Flavio Morais Flavio Morais was born in São Paulo, Brasil, where he starts to work as a illustrator for a T-Shirt company, then he moved to London and attended an Art and Design course at Chelsea School of Art and finally ended up in Barcelona (...) Analfabeto.

where he still lives and works for press, editorials, advertising and Mural paintings. Some of his clients include: Once, La Vanguardia, El País, El Mundo, Avui, Saatchi & Saatchi, Canal +, Spanish TV, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Café Ducados (Madrid), Sampaka (Valencia), Cocktail bar Negroni (Barcelona), Restaurant Spin (Shangai) Apart from the comission works he also made several individual exhibitions. He has a especial love for the Popular Culture in Africa, Bahia, Mexico and works done by people without any knowledge of Art, art brut and outsiders. Music keeps him alive,... turn the music off and there will be no more Flavio Morais!

Pepe Puertas is a gifted illustrator born in Martorell, Barcelona. His character 'El Capitán Beso' hit the senses of the comic-books connoiseurs in the 90's. After several years of mastering the pen and ink on paper, he became hipnotized by (...) Pepepue.

the pixel style of illustration. You can see the work of Pepepue here and here.

Pera Ribalta designed Matricia Uno for editorial purposes and, starting from the original grid, we extended the range. Pera switches constantly between painting, editorial design and music. Matricia.

Jaume Ros a former Enric Jardí's student in Elisava School, came to us in 1997, in one particularly serendipitous case, with a textured version of Franklin Gothic Condensed. Apparently this project doesn't have a connection with Laura Meseguer (...) Despatxada and FrankieDos.

and Juan Dávila's Frankie, but we decided to add it to our list. A little bit later Jaume devised Despatxada.

Félix Rufín a designer and programmer, typically features a sense of order and precision in his designs. Designal, his 2008 incorporation, embodies that spirit in a beautiful way. Designal and InterFace.

Daniel Sabino Daniel Sabino is a native brazilian graphic and type designer based on São Paulo, Brazil. After almost ten years working on the graphic design field he graduated on the MA Advanced Typography from EINA/UAB, Barcelona, in 2011, (...) Karol and Karol Sans.

specializing in Type Design and Typography. Since then he has been working on type and graphic design projects through his own studio Blackletra.

Pere Torrent -Peret- a.k.a. Peret, along with Javier Mariscal, is still one of the most representative artists (or designers, or illustrators, or whatever) of the Catalan (or Spanish or whatever) arena. Poca.